Monday, 7 November 2011

Diwali Vacation

Naanga ullavaraikum varanuma..? neeye poipiono..? (should we come inside..? u will go right..? )
Kandipaa.. na kozhandhai illa.. (definitely.. I am nt a kid)
I wil manage.. don’t worry.. bubyee.. I replied boldly with a smile.
Anyway at 4am doesn’t make sense for them to come in wen I am gonna disappear in after few mins. After the formalities I was all set for the journey.

I remembered the day I knocked the door after a tedious 30hrs RAC travel. Only in “REEL” life u get a hero or “THE GUY” on the other side of your berth. In “REAL” life I think everybody has diametrically opposite experiences. 
What a wonder my tiredness vanished the moment I saw my mom n dad and laid on my bed. Three days just at home with family nothing else but home. Thoughts of Carrom, Running track, friends and college life did come to my mind but just for two days. Life w/o tv, w/o movies, w/o even internet (sparing 2 minutes mail check) which is normally unimaginable and dis routine didn’t suck. It was rather joyous. The most flexible thing on earth is the human system it changes roles easily.

Then struck on the fourth day morning what I call the bro lightning. An additional love quotient. Diwali celebs, relatives place, shops etc took time out but together with family. Another four days away from world of electronics but not devoid of vibration. Coz thoughts feelings n emotions also cause vibrations.

I continued in a state of inertia enjoying the moments as if it was eternal only to be woken up by the lines said by my bro “yei ezhundhuru na kalambaporen” (Wake up I am gonna leave now) early morning. It was as if a line was separated out from a poetry - neither the poem is complete without the line nor the line has its own identity without being part of the poem. That is FAMILY for all.

Next whole week back to all electronics gadget. My mom wished a wireless world for the first time seeing me with minimum 5 wires connected in my lappy all the time.. Tv, shopping, meeting with friends, guests at home, games, chit chats, internet, cooking, small arguments, and did all that I felt like. But all these had one thing in common A Mind Voice “jus “X” more days…… X-1…… X-2……”

It was Sunday afternoon the tot set in. In 12 hrs would enter the routine comprising of assignments, projects, placements and what not. Need to assume different lifestyle.. need to transit to a world where der is lot of heat no warmth.. lots of people not a shoulder to rest.. loads of hotels but no mom’s kitchen.. so many benches not a dad’s lap.. full of energy but devoid of true emotions..  once again all by yourself. The only thing that comes with you always is yourself better enjoy your own company..!

DEAR PASSENGERS..! Keep your seat belts fastened as the flight is about to land in Mumbai. Thank you.

For once the announcement by the crew was helpful else I would have become too philosophical. 
Indirectly even the blog readers are benefitted ;-)

Life for Two weeks..! Recollected in Two hours..! Leading to Two lines..!
“ Life is a stage and all of us play multiple roles
Whatsoever the character is ENJOY it..! LIVE it..! ”

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