Monday, 11 June 2012

Reverse Relationship

Is it really Him thought my mind?
Required was a relook at the website
Confusion between should I mail and find
Or avoid embarrassment led to a tough fight

As the decision was made
Fingers crossed I had to wait
When the thought was about to fade
Appeared a reply mail in my eyesight

My time machine is at age twelve now
Various memories and incidents recollected
I wonder my poor memory is suddenly strong how
Especially even after twelve years since our ways parted

What was special about this feeling?
Into thoughts my heart begins to delve
Then struck a reply that was so appealing
Exactly indicating what was trying to evolve

We know stories are many
Narrating transition out of Friendship
But this one might really sound very funny
As it depicts what I call a “Reverse Relationship”

Amused at the old cute crush
All that I want to do now is pray
Now with a sweet relation afresh            
I say “God let the pure Friendship Stay” :-)

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