Monday, 11 June 2012

..Love in Friendship..

“Every day I want to fly stay by my side.. <music> Every day I want to dream stay by my side..”

“Hello how long will you keep me waiting.. Can’t u hold d other call for a second respond to me and then continue?”

“Hey Anjali very sorry yaar would have done it if I could have. Rahul was talking about an important matter so couldn’t put him on hold when he was on a flow” Tina replied

“Ohhhh..... Rahul on a flow and important matter… interessstingggg… so what is it? ” mocked Anjali.

“Huffff ho now don’t start this with him as well”

Anjali chuckles and continues “see I don’t start anything.. I just say what is happening.. I don’t cook up I just repeat.. it is not just with Rahul, even with the others I just quote what happens or what u do”

“Ok fine as you are to me they are also my very close friends.. Jus coz you are close and I love you I tolerate you. O.k.” says Tina in an irritated tone.

 “Oh reallyyyy.. all of us are close friends and you said you love me so do you love those guys too” sarcasm was in full swing in Anjali’s reply

“Why can’t I?? Love is a strong feeling for a living or non-living thing like parents, pet animals, possessions and many others including all your close friends in both sex.” Said Tina who was sounding serious.

“My sweetie are you drunk”??

 “Anything. I like my good friends. I love my close friends. Can’t I have close friend in guys? Does meaning of friendship depend on whether it is a girl or a guy?? No right??

“Hmmm” Anjali sighs.

So is love as the meaning doesn’t change. For example if I have eight close friends of which five are guys coz it is normal to have opposite sex friends more in number”

“Is it Normal or Hormonal..?  Anyway continue.” Anjali had to interrupt.

Mmm whatever.. so I am just trying to say I can love 5 guys like few girls who may be single, committed, married or whatever doesn’t matter. What is important is I value them as my close friends. I feel them dear to me doesn’t mean I see them as my life partner as that is totally different.”  Tina had to pause to take a breath.
“Finished or anything more?? For heaven’s sake please don’t go and tell this to anybody either they will think you are crazy and laugh at you or will call u a flirt and walk away. Let this end with me”

“Minds of people like you are corrupt by movies and media. Loving doesn’t mean u catch hold of a person of opposite sex in your age group, hang out and land up marrying or ditching him” Love is a feeling experienced by heart and bounded only by emotions whereas marriage is a relation understood by the mind and felt by heart so gets governed by both emotion and practicality. There is a wide gap between love and marriage which is often mistaken for a thin line.”

“All this gyan it is ok to say on stage or for the sake of an argument or write on a paper for some essay competition but in real-world how much sense it makes I dunno” the opposing intensity in Anjali’s voice came down.

“Let me ask you something. Haven’t you ever felt nice about a guy more than just liking but then hesitant or not interested to go a step above?”

“Fine….. MAY BE ….. but den….. I can’t agree with all that you say why bother chuck dis topic” Anjali’s voice began to break. “See let me first tell you why I called you in the first place”

Let us first finish this..  and yeah it is not MAY BE.  Most of us would have definitely experienced it. In the list of people you love may be you are lucky to identify the best. Beauty is you feel it best only when subconscious mind feels the decision correct based on practical aspects making the marriage option viable. Or it may so happen that your parents get you a practical option and later the closeness leads you to the emotional binding and you start loving your spouse. It is not about which is better it is just that in either way marriage requires both practical and emotional aspect and is very different from loving a close friend of opposite sex. Since I understand the difference, I don’t mix them up. But people like you refuse to accept and get tangled in emotions” Tina said with firm voice and a sense of pride as she felt successful in weakening her opponent’s argument.

“Whatever. Without fully giving a thought to what you said I can’t comment much now” “Coming to why I called you. Are u free tmrw..? Can you come with me to EA..Need to do some shopping” Anjali gained her voice back.

Of course would love to. Anybody else..?

Nope just the two of us. Will msg u the time tmrw mrng.

“Sure dear cya tmrw bubyeeee” replied the lips of Tina but her mind was saying………..
Love is a strong feeling that is above all differentiation including gender and is pure with no hidden intentions or expectations. The level of the Love quotient determines the strength of the relationship we have with people around us. But Marriage is just not about love. It needs so many other ingredients for the formula to work. I love you doesn’t mean will you be my life partner. Let us not confuse and get confused.

P.S: I need not represent any of these characters. Just wanna say we should not misunderstand a person’s intention. Friendship may turn into marriage. But there can be just pure friendship without any hidden feelings between opposite sex. It is rare and one of a kind but EXISTS..!
- Blog originally posted in Dec 2011

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