Sunday, 19 February 2012

Let me stay...

When my eyelids were kissing
visualized the one I was missing
not only does he mean a lot
the man behind all I got

never fallen down while learning
as with cycle he kept running
on way holding firmly at all obstacles
in life supporting strongly at all hurdles

shuttling between the room
every day when I groom
feeding me breakfast
has forever become a past

a raise in my vehicle’s speedometer
is proportionate with his bp meter
not because my driving is awful
when it is me he is extra careful

whenever I feel very low
he is a comforting pillow
for his words are tactical
and presence magical

pardons all wrong actions
never shows in future reactions
not only a friend in need
but also the best indeed

here goes his claim
“her happiness is my life’s aim”
to this I would never disagree
but doesn’t render me being carefree

in the name of settling my life
is putting me into a strife
for a while with them I want to stay
wish they don't soon send me away..!

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